PDF to MOBI is a free and lightweight E-Book files converter, it can help you to easily convert PDF files to MOBI e-Books, with a user-friendly interface, this software is simple and easy to use very much.

This is a freeware, free to use.


This freeware need KindleGen, you must get it from amazon.com website by yourself, download address is:


Please download it and put it in program folder, you can directly open program folder by hitting "Folder" button, software will automatically check whether it is ready.

Once KindleGen is ready, you can use three different compression schemes: -c0: no compression, -c1: standard DOC compression and -c2: Kindle huffdic compression. Furthermore, when you uninstall software, you need to remove it manually from program folder.

Basic usage is very simple, choose an existing PDF file, then click "Convert" button to start file conversion, the default output MOBI file have same file name as source PDF file, just file extension is ".mobi".

1. PDF Options

(1) Page Pages Options, you can convert all PDF pages (default), or choice a part of PDF documents to convert, in this case, you need set a Start Page and an End Page.

(2) Skip Invisible, some PDF documents have invisible text, if you do not need these text, you can check option "Skip Invisible", software will do not draw invisible text.

(3) Password, software can support password-protected PDF documents, for these documents, you need to enter a PDF owner password or a PDF user password.

2. MOBI Options

(1) Metadata, for generated MOBI files, you can set some important metadata fields, supported metadata includes: Title, Subject, Description, Creator (Author), Publisher, Date, Language and Cover Image.

(2) Language, default language is the English (en), you select another language code (two-letter), If you are not sure what language select, leave it as Default.

(3) Cover Image, you can select an image as your e-Book cover, supported image formats include JPG/JPEG and PNG.

Additionally, during file conversion process, you can press "Stop" button to interrupt the whole conversion process.

System requirements: for Windows OS, need .NET Framework 4.0 or later installed in your PC.